Sunday, June 7, 2009

Eye Spy...... a scar

Oooo, what an interesting theme by Fuzzy Dragons!

It's been a while since I've compared scars - we used to do it all the time as kids.... (weird?)

My favorite scar is one on my left knuckle in the shape of an upside down V - where I accidentally cut my hands with a pair of safety(!?) scissors in the 2nd grade. Then there's the 'haven't slept in more than a few hours in a few days and cleaned the hand blender without unplugging it' scar. I don't recommend making baby food when your baby hasn't let you sleep. Dangerous stuff! That was a particularly nasty one......
Several knives have left their mark (I love to cook) and I used to partake in a little stained glass action - glass is sharp too. Really sharp.....
There's the scar on my hip from falling off my bike as a teenager, there's the scar on my chin from having a mole removed and the vampire bite scar on my calf. (Actually it was a dog that bit me but it sooooo looks like I met vampire who confused my kneck for my knee.)
Oooo, and there was the incident of Cup Day 2005 that involved a very sharp box cutter and a phone call to my Dad inquiring about the point at which one might need stitches..... I'm starting to think this post is making me sound clumsy!
But, my most loved and most hated scar is where my daughter left my body. She marked me and I love that but it just ain't pretty. And, it reminds me of things that I'd rather forget. How she came into the world in a way that I didn't want. I have to be grateful for that scar though because without it she (and I) might not be here right now to whine about it.

Maybe you noticed a break in transmission? I've had the flu for the past few days so there was no venturing outside looking for something in bloom. (The alternative Eye spy topic for this week).

(PS, I don't have swine flu. Only the boring regular kind - the only pig around here is me! Mmmmm chocolate. The cure for all that ails ya!)

Thanks Cindy for hosting!


Liesl (Hoppo Bumpo) said...

I think you have possibly beat Jennifer Rose with the number of scars!!

I'm with you on the caesarean scar thing - I had to have two sunroof exits. :(

Hope you are feeling better soon. Perhaps we could finally have our blogmeet in the holidays?!

A said...

Love the 'sunroof exit' analogy! ha ha
Yep! Totally up for a blogmeet during the hols - no creche = bored child ; ) (and somewhat crazy mum!)