Thursday, May 21, 2009

Finally! Actual craftiness.

I finally got around to making the monkey laundry bag from Amy Butler's Little Stitches for Little Ones.
As usual, the pattern was absolutely easy to follow with clear instructions. I didn't end up making the draw ties as per the pattern because I wanted it to hang down a fair way and I just wasn't in the mood for cutting and sewing fabric..... I just used some bias tape I had lying around. Maybe, one day, if I can be bothered (!) I will make the original ties.....
The fabric is a 70's sheet oppy find and the rest are scraps I got from Mum. The yellow lining is an oppy table cloth. Buttons off an old shirt. Totally recycled!

Above: close up
Below an 'In situ' shot

Our next creative venture was the bunting for Moo's birthday party a few weeks ago. On her birthday morning it was pouring with rain so together we painted A4 sheets of computer paper. (I highly recommend Crayola washable finger paint - it actually washes out. Revelation!) We sprinkled glitter on some of the paintings while they were wet so they were sparkly too.

After the paint was dry I cut the A4 sheets into triangles and sewed them together on the sewing machine. An idea which I think came from Maya-made's snowflake garland. Totally easy to make and very effective. All our party guests commented on how lovely they looked.

Can you guess which ones I painted and which ones Moo did?

And finally, Moo and Grandad got creative and put up some trellis on the deck - to stop small children falling great distances when they are being adventurous.....

Hooray for craftiness!
I sure hope I can fit some more in shortly......