Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Birds and Trees

Went to the opening of Mike's exhibition this evening. Totally wanted to buy an ink drawing but all my favorites had red dots already. So did many of the larger works - GO MIKE!!
I'm really in love with birds and trees, particularly silhouettes so this exhibition was right up my alley. If you'd like to check it out visit Metro 5 in Armadale.

A couple of people there asked me if the painting above was inspired by our daughter. I don't believe so and the child in the picture is older than Annie, but yes, it kind of reminds me of her........ She's the kind of kid who would run up a lane way for a lookee see!

On a side note, as we walked into the gallery my BIL was talking with a couple and he proceeded to introduce me to them. The guy looked really familiar and I thought I must have met him at one of the other gallery openings (these things have a lot of the same people at them) and I almost said, 'Have we met before? You look familiar...' Suddenly, I realised that although I 'knew' him he wouldn't know me because TVs don't work both ways. It was a famous game show host from a few years back (Tony Barber) and I'm SO glad I didn't embarrass myself by asking him if he knew me!


Liesl said...

That's the most gorgeous picture. You must be very proud of your talented BIL.

I am most impressed you have met the Game Master himself. I still have a much-treasured signed letter from him, received when I was 12!

A said...

Totally am!