Monday, July 28, 2008

Op shop awesome! Thrift shop terrific!

Went to 'the local' this morning on the way to the supermarket - didn't make it to the supermarket because I found so much at the op shop that I couldn't possibly carry the shopping as well so I had to go home again and venture out in the afternoon for the groceries.

Here is what I got (photos to come as my camera had flat batteries):

  1. Wide striped yellow/orange/red double sheet set from (I am guessing) the 70's. Made in America. Brand is Martex. BIL hates it. I love it.
  2. Bright yellow table cloth in similar shade to sheet set
  3. 10m of elastic
  4. 5m of forest green bias binding
  5. 5 cute red buttons
  6. Original (STILL IN THE PACKET!!!!!!) Japanese felt animal craft kit (including everything but the stuffing) circa 1960s.
  7. 4m length of fire engine red fleece
  8. 'Hit the pegs into the wood with a hammer' set for Missy Moo. (What do you call that anyway?)
  9. Wooden stacking/counting set for Missy Moo.
How much would you expect to pay for all this? $10!

I bought the yellow table cloth and bed sheets to make this tie on baby-seat/chair sling and I have so much material that I think I will make a few more and give them to friends who are nice to me. (Who also happen to have babies otherwise it would be weird.....)
I want to make pants/sleeping bag/stroller foot muff for Missy Moo with this lovely red fleece.
Was so excited when I got home that I had to call my Mum and tell her about my loot. Hubby is not quite so appreciative of my quest for the perfect op-shop treasure.....