Friday, February 6, 2009


In a weeks time my BIL is off to Oregon for a friend's wedding. It's pretty cold over there (in the minus I believe) so I made him this scoodie (= hoodie + scarf). I got the idea from here and modified it for my own use. I had a very wide and thick polar fleece scarf that never got used so I re purposed it. Because it was so thick and didn't need finishing I did the following:

  • used a hoodie that fitted hubby well and used the hood as a template
  • lined the top of the hood up with the fold so that there was no seam on the front edge
  • sewed up the back, gradually reducing the amount of the seam to give a smooth finish to the hood (no pointy bit!)
  • sewed the two pieces of scarf together, end to end
  • sewed the hoodie to the scarf along the bottom edge
  • DONE!
Here is BIL doing his best 'catalogue' pose. It's a bit hard to see with the dark scarf on the dark shirt but you get the picture....

BIL is also quite the creative guy. Click here for his manly craft blog.