Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I don't have much to say....

We have friends and family still under threat from the bush fires. So far they are OK but as we all know any change in weather can mean disaster.

Family friends in Marysville have lost their home but are thankful to have escaped with their lives. They obviously have lost friends in this terrible tragedy. Please pray for them and everyone affected.

My BIL is in the SES and they are taking stuff up to Whittlesea on Thursday. We are collecting what we can (Moo's old clothes, towels, toilet paper etc) and sending it up with him.

Please visit Meet me at Mikes for info about all the wonderful bloggers out there who are doing what they can to help. Or, click on the 'rainbow comfort pack' button on the top left to find out how you can help the kids who have been affected.