Thursday, February 12, 2009

Pants for Moo

Is it possible that a toddler can grow out of their clothes in 2 weeks?
Apparently it is.

Before the heat wave Annie was happily wearing the same pants she had been wearing for the past 6 months. Granted the cuffs were not turned up anymore and they were a little short but now after just 2 weeks I went to dress Moo for the cooler weather we've been having and her pants looked ridiculous! Luckily I had bought some material for just his occasion and the following pants were quickly made up....

Cuffs turned up for wear now
With cuffs turned down for 'later.'
I've also left the casing open so that I can easily change the elastic as she grows. Yup, I'm thinkin' ahead. Moo is very determined to dress herself these days so an elastic waist is perfect. No zippers or buttons here.
If you're wondering why they look like PJs it's because they are. The same 1950's pattern I used for Annie's PJ bottoms. They are made up of only 2 pieces and are soooo fast to sew up. Perfect for the 'oh my goodness all your pants are too short' emergency.