Monday, October 13, 2008

Possibly TMI

OK, I am about to mention feminine hygiene products so if this topic doesn't do it for you stop reading NOW.....

This is a public service announcement. : P

For a while now I have been using a small face washer (folded to make 3 layers) instead of a 'panty liner.' I read about it on a blog and thought that I would try it. For a number of reasons - that I don't like chemicals, that I don't like adding to landfill and that I want to save money and find it outrageous that these 'necessary' items have a 'luxury tax' applied. I initially wanted to buy some cloth liners, then I thought I would make some and then when I came across the 'use a facecloth' post it just seemed like the thing to try first. Initially I was skeptical and I only did it at home but now I am a real convert. So much so that with the left overs from making Moo's fitted cloth nappies I have made some panty liners from toweling.
It's amazing how much fresher it feels. Yes, it actually feels nicer than a disposable pad. I really hate wearing the other one's now. Yuk.
If you change often enough during 'heavier' days you don't leak either (which was a major worry for me!). Because of the texture of the material it doesn't slide around in your undies so you don't need anything to keep it in place. As I already have a bucket in the laundry for soaking bibs and the like I just throw them in there when I am done and then it's into wash. They clean well and I'm not adding to landfill. Makes me feel good ; )
OK, you can't go swimming with it and I wouldn't recommend doing gymnastics....
But, if you dare, try it! You'll never go back. Promise.


Hoppo Bumpo said...

Great idea1 But will I be able to go horseback riding and play tennis and run along a beach all dressed in white and look smiley at the same time?!

A said...

Sure can - you can even bungy jump - just don't do windsurfing! : )
My Dad always says he wants to buy Tampons because he's always wanted to try windsurfing and rock climbing!