Monday, October 20, 2008

Impromptu fun

Last week I spied what I suspected to be asbestos in our 'to be reno-ed' bathroom. I called the asbestos man who confirmed my suspicions and so they came on Saturday morning to clean up. This meant that we were banished from our house at 8am - Moo and I were still in bed when they rocked up!
So, what do you do on a weekend morning at 8am? Go and have a lovely cooked breakfast made by someone else! Woo hoo~~ Moo and I shared a 'Big ass breakfast.' (I didn't call it that. It was on the menu!)
After we got the all clear we had a home pit stop and after parting with a few hundred hard earned dollars trotted off to IKEA. We managed to stick to our list and picked up the vanity/sink, towel rails and mirror without incident and without any talk of divorce. Hubby actually felt like looking around (what kind of miracle was that!!??) so we looked around and dreamt about kitchens and window seats and an organised wardrobe. *sigh*
When we got home hubby said, 'I feel like having a BBQ.' So, we ended up having a nice relaxed Saturday evening BBQ. Beer. Irish cider. Steaks. Lemon and herb fish. Kartoffel salat. Friends. Fun.
Sunday morning hubby was really getting antsy that he had not started his homework (part time uni student) but he also admitted that he was suffering from a severe case of procrastination. Then the phone rang. BIL rang and asked if he could come over with the family (new nephew!) We asked them to stay for lunch and MIL come over too. We enjoyed some family time. Moo and her cousin rough housed (and nearly broke the joint!) and I had the perfect excuse not to make tea for everyone - a tiny one week old nephew asleep in my arms.....
For a weekend that had no plans it turned out to be exceptionally fun.


Peck said...

Hear, here!! Me too!! And I didnt even check out your half done bathroom!... oops! Fanks Sis in Law for nice healthy lunch - hope we didn't eat away your weekly organic groceries!