Monday, October 13, 2008

An experiement in cloth nappies/diapers

Before Moo was born I told everyone that I wanted to 'go cloth.' As a result of this I was lucky enough to be given over 30 brand new toweling nappies at my baby shower. We also had a nappy service for the first 3 months and after that I have used a combination of old school cloth and disposables. I have always used the 'origami fold' as this fold seemed to contain Moo best but lately she's got too big for this fold (although she still only has a 13" waist!). I wondered about chopping some of my nappies into something fitted..... I have so many cloth nappies I thought, 'Why not?' It doesn't matter if I wreck a couple in my quest for a better bum!
So, I googled fitted nappies and frankly I just couldn't be bothered going to all the trouble that these patterns wanted me to! I already have velcro plastic lined/cotton outer nappy covers that I have been using over the cloth nappies so I thought it would be better to use what I have and come up with my own design. These were the stipulations that I had:
* Has to be easy and take 2 seconds to make (OK, a little exaggeration, but I don't want to spend 2 hours on each one.)
* It has to dry easily, so nothing too thick.
* I don't want to buy any extra materials - minky fabric or bamboo stuff, press studs or velcro

I thought about it for a few days and then today I did the following:
* Got out one of the nappy covers that fits her now
* Got out a disposable nappy in her size
* Got scissors and an old school cloth nappy
* Laid the nappy cover over the cloth nappy and used it as my basic pattern.
* Compared the shape and size of the disposable and decided that I didn't need it. Threw it aside. (tee hee)

* Reshaped the nappy so that it was about 1cm less than the nappy cover all around the sides but left the length the same. I went in a bit more between the legs.

* With the remaining nappy, I cut a LARGE rectangle that if folded in half both lengthways and sideways gave a pad that was 4 layers thick. This will be my 'absorbent pad.' I decided on this design as I want the nappies to dry quickly and folding an inner pad when doing the washing didn't bother me at all. So, this way there is only one layer of nappy to dry instead of several. The pad does not need to be fastened at all as the toweling doesn't slip as it is so 'rough.'

* I used my maching to zig-zag stitch around all edges. What I ended up with was a 'nappy shaped' piece and a large rectangle piece.

When I fold the washing I just need to fold the rectangle piece twice and lay it along the middle of the outer piece.
I place a large rectangle of polar fleece over the pad to keep Moo's bum dry (it wicks really well) and make it easier to remove 'solids' from the nappy. You could use flushable nappy liners too but I like the polar fleece and it's sooo soft!

And, once put together after washing you only need a 'snappi' keep the nappy fastened. I fold them like this before use and then it's just like using a disposable nappy.

There you go - one cloth bum!

I am yet to try it out so we will see what happens...... I am thinking I might need to make the 'nappy' shaped piece with two layers (for extra absorption) but we will experiment first with one layer.

Wish us luck!


Amelia said...

that is fantastic! innovative, creative, environmentally responsible. and such a good idea to have a single layer that you fold for easy washing. i'm hoping to have my baby bear out of nappies altogether soon - fingers crossed!

Angie said...

great idea, I could never be bothered making fitted cloth nappies & fashioned many simple versions, none quite as refined as this one!