Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Crafty stuff

Awesome knitting by pes.de.pato and not me : (

Last Christmas my Mum gave me a set of round looms. I finally got them out last week and the instructions were, to put it frankly, quite shite. So, I turned to good ol' trusty Youtube and found some great instructional videos but they don't allow me to embed them. I knitted a cute little hat for Moo and it was soooooo easy - even for one who doesn't knit.
Yay! I actually 'knitted' something. Now it's time to 'knit' a hat for hubby! So proud of myself that I am considering trying some real knitting again...... but don't hold your breath! (Just what I need, another addiction to spend money on.)

(My camera battery is flat so I will add a photo of my first handmade hat a little later.)