Monday, December 21, 2009

Finally! *phew*

Things have indeed been quiet around here!  Or, you possibly may have heard loud screeching noises like a large cockatoo or a Velociraptor and wondered what all the noise was about......
I've been working hard on a new project that is due to be finished at the end of July next year.  It should be around 50cm long and hopefully less than 4kg.  It's taking a lot of eating and sleeping to keep this project going and creative time has flown out the window along with my breakfast (and lunch and dinner.....)
After 18 months of heartbreak, frustration, loss and disappointment we have finally been given permission to stop worrying and accept that there is a little one on board that will be joining us next year.
So, when I start feeling better in a couple of weeks (fingers crossed) you can expect that there will be a renewed sense of creativity and urgency to 'get things done.'
I can't wait.
x x x x


Liesl said...

What wonderful news - congratulations ... and get lots of rest!

A said...

Thanks Liesl - I still can't believe it's true! My stomache is telling me it certainly is though..... *blerg*