Saturday, August 1, 2009

Lost and found

Last week both I and my SIL lost rings. Hers was a diamond engagement ring. Mine a gold ring that my Mum gave me that was made for her by my Dad and doesn't fit her anymore. Both were on fingers but somehow slipped off and were gone. Both of us panicked. Both of us turned our houses upside down. One of us searched through the contents of their children's pants - just in case. One of us (both?) went through the garbage and vacuum cleaner contents.
About a week later both rings were found. One in a clothes drawer and one in the linen closet. Huge sighs of relief all around.

(Don't worry Mum, I've changed the finger that I put the ring on so it can't slip off again. Bloody winter and the curse of the shrinking fingers! Come summer I will have to rearrange again due to SFFS, othewise known as summer fat finger syndrome.)