Tuesday, December 23, 2008

We're almost there!

What we're NOT having...... how funny is this! Frozen Christmas dinner - Swedish style.

I've done the grocery shopping for Christmas. My kitchen is buried and I am writing a list of things that I can prepare today, what needs to be done tomorrow and what needs to be finished off at the last minute. (We're partying here on Christmas Eve.) I always write a list of what we are eating because otherwise I inevitably forget something in the back of the fridge until everyone's gone home. At Moo's first birthday I made lollie bags for everyone and didn't realise I'd given them out until most people had left..... D'oh.
MIL is doing a baked ham and BIL a roast pork with crackling. SIL a chocolate cake and me a layered ice-cream cake with berries on top. We're also having meatballs, Janssons frestelse, Gravlax, prinskorv, salads and all that. I'm even making punch! My Aunt is bringing cheeses and cold meats from the Yarra Valley and it's going to be awesome! Writing this is getting me all excited so I'm going to go and start cooking. Happy holidays everyone!


Liesl said...

If only I could rush out and buy 7 serves of that Findus dinner! Hilarious!!

Your Christmas sounds like its going to be delicious. Have a fabulous day.

PS. I think there's been a bit of gnoming of our local Christmas lights/decorations!