Monday, November 10, 2008

Busy busy busy

Do you ever feel like you've been crazy busy but when you try to think what you've done you can't think of anything? I feel like that today. The past few weeks have been mayhem. I'd like to blame the bathroom but I'm not a plumber or a carpenter and haven't had all that much to do with it really. I guess it is time consuming talking to the tradies and letting them know exactly what we want, making decisions and the like..... And having a building site in the middle of your house isn't exactly good feng shui (or pungsu if you are Korean!)
I've also been really tired which hasn't helped. A few days I have had to go and lie down when Annie has her nap because I just can't function. Hopefully this will pass soon!
There's been a lot of washing to catch up on. The weather has been bad and with Annie having been sick there was her extra washing that got priority which caused me to run out of undies on the weekend. D'oh.
Hubby has been doing uni assignments so he hasn't been helping as much as he usually does either. *blah* I hope I can be more organised soon. Before I loose my marbles.....
And, if you didn't manage to guess from the feeling of this post, there has been NO crafting done here. My sewing machine (poor thing) is sitting on top of the heater in the dining room. Looking all lonely and forlorn.....